Home Remedies For Migraines


Migraines derail one’s activity since it is a continuous headache. This condition may not be solved by painkillers. Natural remedies can help curb this problem.

Use the following home remedies to treat migraines at home

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Prostaglandin is a chemical that helps mediate pain sensitivity and inflammation. Gingerroot highly rich in this compound. Migraines are commonly associated with inflammation hence taking ginger root will cure them. Take slices of ginger root then put in a cup of hot water and sip slowly making sure to inhale the steam.

Fish oil

Oil from fish is rich in omega 3 and other elements which help solve migraines. You are advised to drink fish oil to reduce inflammation and steadies heart rate. It also lowers blood pressure. When inflammation of blood vessels in the brain is reduced, migraines cease. Fish oil will greatly help achieve this. Mix a tablespoon of this oil with orange juice and drink.


This is a part of the daisy plant and has been used over the years as a reliever for migraines. Butter root is said to be concentrated with chemicals that reduce inflammation. These chemicals help control blood pressure and spasms that are the major cause of migraines.

Apple cider vinegar

This also has been used to relieve migraines for a long time. To use this, take a quarter cup of this substance in a bowl, add boiling water then covering your head over the bowl. This process allows you breathe in the steam. Do this a couple of minutes, and your migraines will subside effectively.

Cayenne pepper

This substance contains capsaicin which is a pain relieving compound. Using this involves dissolving a teaspoon of cayenne in warm water. You then dip a piece of cotton in and apply it on your nostrils until you realize a burning feeling. When the heat subsides, your migraines will cease.

Peppermint oil

This product is a natural pain reliever and relaxant. To use it, apply it directly on the forehead or around your jaws. It will effectively reduce your migraines.


ghghjkhjkhghghjhkjkjjghghjhgjhkhMigraines are believed to be caused as a result of tension and constriction in the blood vessels. This plant reduces
tension and blood vessels constriction. This is done by the chemical parthenolide which is known for the two functions. Take pieces of feverfew flowers and dip in boiling water. Strain and take half a cup twice a day to help cure migraines.

Migraines are a real menace to your life. Using these natural remedies that are available will surely help you ease the pain and life a normal life.

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