A cough is caused by over breathing which results in airways having a large volume of air. They become sensitive thereby tickling the throat or increasing mucus secretion. A cough can be embarrassing and should be treated as soon as it is realized to avoid the situation from worsening.

Natural remedies to help curb coughs

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Onion and garlic are a great source of antiseptic which helps fight germs that cause infection. It can be used in cooked form or chewing raw, or even making juice. This can be mixed with honey and administered three times in a day. Garlic can also be mixed with olive oil, spread on fabric and put on the chest to cure coughs.

Breath control

Over breathing is one of the main causes of a cough and learning to regulate nasal breathing to the standard level will help stop coughing. Here you will need to incorporated methods that will allow for just enough air to be taken in.

Taking a warm bath

Having a warm shower will help relax the irritation that causes a cough. When taking a bath, take your time to breathe in the steam that rises from the warm water. This allows your irritating sore throat to stop hence stop coughing.


Another effective remedy for a cough is ginger. Peeling small ginger pieces and chewing them slowly reduces coughing impulse. You can also take the option of pounding ginger and adding water and honey. This mixture helps ease your cough and relieves sore throats.


Honey has the ability to coat the throat lining and thus bring instant relief. This is why it has been used for a long time as an effective cure for coughs. Take two teaspoons of pure honey. Honey can be mixed with other ingredients to give remedies that can solve continuous coughing. These ingredients are aloe vera, and pepper.


Adding cider vinegar to a warm glass of water and drinking it reduces a cough. This is because it reduces throat inflammation on the respiratory passage thereby stopping infection.

Herbal tea

To avoid the irritatighghfdgdfjghfjdkghdfjkhgfkgjkgjkghng disturbance of a cough at night, use herbal tea. Make a cup of tea then mix with the desired herb to give you get a cup of herbal tea. These herbs include; rose hip, aniseed, and basil. These have a relieving effect on your cough.

To get rid of stubborn coughs, there are a lot of home remedies you can use. Settle on one that suits you most. Try them as soon as you start coughing and see how fast they relief coughs.

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